FANAFI (Find A Need And Fill It) is an unusual dynamic and pragmatic corporation whose primary focus and goal is to find human needs, worldwide, and fill them. The founder of Fanafi worldwide, Ltd, the board of directors, and management, are eminently successful world citizens who have elected to give back success to fellow humans through Fanafi, as a practical way of fulfilling their social responsibility in a very needy world.

FANAFI partners with socially sensitive organizations such as churches, women groups, youth groups, fellowship groups, etc, to create wealth for such socially sensitive groups which will empower them to attend to various human needs in their respective communities.  In addition, FANAFI will create jobs through practical entrepreneurism for many unemployed individuals who have a genuine desire to change their destiny through self-reliance.

In a nutshell, FANAFI has identified several essential products required by society in every community, worldwide.  FANAFI enters into contract agreement with selected reputable American manufacturers to manufacture these products for distribution by FANAFI, worldwide. FANAFI then partners with socially sensitive organizations such as churches, women groups, youth groups, fellowship groups, etc., to market these “made in the USA” quality products to many who require these products regularly in their respective communities, through a grassroots marketing system.  This innovative approach empowers such socially sensitive organizations to create wealth by making the same amount of money that is made by wholesale distributors of such products in society.  One third of such income can go to the national headquarters or diocesean headquarters of socially sensitive organizations to support development work at the headquarters, another one third of such income will go to the women’s wing of such socially sensitive organizations to support out-reach programmes to the poor and needy in their local communities, and a final one third of the income will be paid to those individuals who actually marketed the products for the socially sensitive organizations. Unemployed persons, pastor’s wives who wish to earn additional income to support their families, and other individuals in society who wish to enhance their financial positions through self-reliance can significantly change their financial destiny by marketing these “made in America” quality products to many individuals in society who require these products regularly.

FANAFI expects to raise over one hundred million U.S. dollars (USD 100,000,000.00) for churches and socially sensitive organizations, and create over five thousand (5,000) new jobs in five years through this innovative partnership programme.