Splendora ™ – the Splendid Maxi Pad

Nearly 50 million women in Nigeria alone require the use of sanitary pads every month to attend to their monthly menstrual cycle. Splendora, a super-absorbent maxi pad, with wings to keep it in place, and slightly scented for feeling of freshness, has been manufactured by a reputable health care products company in the United States for worldwide distribution by FANAFI. This product promises to become the preferred and number one maxi pad everywhere it is marketed, especially in the entire continent of Africa where it will be far superior to any similar product marketed in the continent.


Splendora - The Super Maxi pad

Dignity™ – the affordable solution to incontinence

Some elderly at homes, and the bed-ridden at hospitals, often suffer the problem of incontinence. Inadequate management of the problem of incontinence can exacerbate the illness of the bed-ridden through bed sores, and lower or damage the self-esteem of the incontinent elderly at home. Dignity, a comfortable and very effective easy-to-use adult diaper, is the affordable solution to incontinence. There are no suitable alternatives or competing products in most countries in the African continent.

Canned Sardines

Lightly smoked sardines in fish oil, and also sardines in tomato sauce, and mustard sauce.

Original Gourmet Cookies

Baked elegant delicious cookies, packed in round decorated metallic package.


A variety of lotion with fine emollient, some with vitamin A and E, some with cocoa butter, and other skin food, designed to heal dry or damaged skin and restore smooth, healthy skin.

Baby Oil, baby powder, and baby liquid soap

Made for FANAFI by the same manufacturers that made them for Johnson and Johnson, so will be exactly the same as Johnson and Johnson baby products.

Salad Dressings

A variety of salad dressings, including French and Italian dressings, Thousand Island, Honey mustard, both regular dressings, and light low calorie dressings.


Ladies and men’s scented solid under arm deodorant. Special formula provides maximum, long-lasting protection against odour all day long.


A variety of ladies and men’s specialty perfumes and fragrances.